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Dynamic Code’s Anne Kihlgren named Sweden’s most important female founder

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Dynamic Code’s Anne Kihlgren named Sweden’s most important female founder

Dynamic Code’s founder Anne Kihlgren has been named Sweden’s most important female founder in 2020 by DI Digital. This is the fourth year that DI Digital has created its list of both heavy-hitting veterans and innovative new upstarts, profiling women who have founded various tech companies.

The story of Dynamic Code started in the 1990s when Anne Kihlgren worked at SKL focusing on forensic analysis and criminal investigations. With her extensive experience in DNA analysis, Anne became fascinated by just how much information could be obtained through a DNA test.

In 2011, Anne founded Dynamic Code, which has since come to revolutionize the modern healthcare chain: the company offers smart diagnostic and healthcare tests that individuals can take in the comfort of their own home. After the test has been analysed at Dynamic Code’s laboratory, patients receive a clear and accurate diagnosis; they can then go to their local healthcare provider to get any follow-up treatment they might need.

“What a great award to receive now! I have worked hard to make safe and secure tests and diagnoses for many years but NOW it’s happening. The fact that healthcare is being digitized is a natural and significant development; we’re proud that we’ve been able to play such an important role in giving people more control over their health with our testing solutions,” remarked Anne Kihlgren.

Today, Dynamic Code employs just over 40 people in Linköping, where their laboratory is located. Between Jan–Sep of this year, the firm experienced sales of over 90 million SEK. At the moment, their laboratory is working hard on COVID-19 tests (PCR) — Dynamic Code currently accounts for about 15 percent of all the COVID testing capacity in Sweden. As of 1 November, the CEO of Dynamic Code has been Louise Nylén.


Louise Nylén

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