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Dynamic Code signs new contract with The Swedish Public Health Authority

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Dynamic Code signs new contract with The Swedish Public Health Authority

Dynamic Code has had an agreement to provide Covid-19 PCR tests to the Swedish Public Health Authority since last spring. Dynamic Code has recently won a new contract, which shows continued confidence in delivering analysis capacity to some of Sweden's regions. Dynamic Code's PCR test has been developed to detect mutated virus strains, which is a crucial development since the new virus strain was discovered in the UK.

Dynamic Code's test for ongoing Covid-19 infection is CE-marked and accredited with a quality-assured and self-manufactured sampling method and lab analysis from Dynamic Code's national labs. The Swedish Public Health Authority, which is responsible for ensuring available test capacity for Covid-19 for Sweden's regions, has now renewed its agreement with Dynamic Code.

10 percent of Sweden's testing capacity is now provided by Dynamic Code
Dynamic Code conducted approximately 30,000 PCR tests per week in November and December, which corresponds to approximately 10 percent of Sweden's total testing capacity. Dynamic Code has expanded its capacity and can now process 50,000 tests per week for the Swedish Public Health Authority in the new agreement in response to the increased pressure to test in Sweden.

“We have restructured our operations and are investing in expanding both our capacity and staffing to cope with the current pressure to test for Covid-19. We are pleased that the Swedish Public Health Authority has continued to place their trust in us and are ready to help with the analysis of PCR tests as long as they are needed”, says Louise Nylén, CEO of Dynamic Code.

All Dynamic Code’s PCR tests have been developed to detect various different parts of the virus. This means that even if viruses or bacteria mutate, the testing method will still detect them. Developing methods in this way is more important than ever now that the new virus strain has been discovered in the UK.

Accelerated healthcare digitization
The Corona crisis has accelerated the digitalisation of healthcare. Taking tests at home and sending them to labs for analysis has become the norm and this method can be used to detect other diseases, not just Covid-19. Today, Dynamic Code manufactures over 20 different tests for conditions such as sore throat, sexually transmitted infections, and gluten and lactose intolerance. Combining diagnostic and health testing with digital care providers means that the pressure on primary care services can be reduced at the same time as the quality of care increases. Dynamic Code continually invests in increasing their capacity, for example by expanding their premises and labs for Covid-19 tests. This will also help in the development of more products within the company's diagnostic and health test ranges in the future.

“Our concept is of great interest to consumers and partners, including digital healthcare providers, pharmacies and occupational health care providers. So despite the fact that our rapid growth will subside as the pandemic subsides, we look to the future with confidence and believe that our concept will continue to be relevant” says Louise Nylén.


Louise Nylén

Louise Nylén

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