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Dynamic Code has now analysed 1 million COVID-19 PCR tests

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Dynamic Code has now analysed 1 million COVID-19 PCR tests

Since COVID-19 broke out just over a year ago, the Healthtech company Dynamic Code has partially restructured its product development, in order to develop analytical methods for the virus and its mutations. Now the company has completed its millionth COVID-19 PCR analysis.

The Healthtech company Dynamic Code has developed a method for the precise diagnosis of various infections, i.e. to find the specific virus or bacterium that causes an infection or disease. The company offers self-testing solutions, often based on DNA technology, to healthcare institutions as well as directly to consumers. The products are purchased online and can be ordered wherever you are. The tests are analysed in Dynamic Code's lab and within a few days the results can be retrieved via a code on the website, securely and completely anonymously. Dynamic Code also offers subsequent care and treatment based on the test results, via digital care providers.

In the last year, almost all Swedes have come into contact with this method.
2020 was an intense and eventful year for the Healthtech company Dynamic Code. The pandemic accelerated the digitalisation of healthcare. As well as processing tests for COVID-19, the year became a 'proof of concept' for diagnostic tests using self-testing that ensure safe telemedicine (remote healthcare). Almost all adult Swedes have come into contact with the techniques used in self-testing - i.e. a cotton swab is rubbed on the bodily area where the bacterium or virus is located.

"The development of tests for COVID-19 clearly illustrates our concept and the position Dynamic Code wants to take in the care chain - innovative analyses ensuring correct and precise diagnosis that takes place remotely," says Louise Nylén, CEO of Dynamic Code.

New techniques reduce the burden on healthcare
When a patient can take a test themselves, receive quality-assured laboratory analysis as well as digital test results and contact a doctor to get the correct diagnosis, it means that resources in healthcare can be used more efficiently. With this higher rate of efficiency, resources can be used for a greater number of patients.

Dynamic Code has over twenty different tests for different diagnoses using this concept, in women's health and for gastrointestinal and other infections.

During the past year, Dynamic Code has developed several different tests directly connected with the corona virus pandemic. At present, the company has agreed on a test capacity of fifty thousand tests per week for the Swedish Public Health Agency. Dynamic Code recently performed its millionth COVID-19 PCR test.

Swedish innovation in the fight against COVID-19 - a compilation of Dynamic Code's work with COVID-19 tests

Self-developed CE-marked COVID-19 PCR test for self-testing
When the coronavirus pandemic exploded in Sweden, Dynamic Code's technique was tested under conditions of urgency and on a large scale. Dynamic Code acted quickly and developed its own COVID-19 PCR test. Dynamic Code owns the entire chain, from testing and the laboratory method, to the platform where diagnosis can be made by healthcare professionals based on test results. This means that Dynamic Code was able to quickly develop and adapt its tests. At an early stage, the Swedish Public Health Agency signed an agreement with Dynamic Code and today they have agreed on a capacity of fifty thousand tests a week. In the autumn of 2020, Dynamic Code accounted for fifteen percent of Sweden's total test capacity for COVID-19 PCR tests.

Lab-analysed antibody tests that can be taken at home
In addition to the COVID-19 PCR test, Dynamic Code offers a self-test for antibodies. The sample is taken by pricking the finger and collecting a few drops of blood in a test tube. Everything needed to take the test and send it back is included in the package. The analysis is performed in Dynamic Code's quality-assured laboratory in Linköping, Sweden, and shows whether the individual has developed IgG antibodies against the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

Dynamic Code signs new agreement with The Swedish Public Health Agency
Since the spring of 2020, Dynamic Code has had an agreement with The Swedish Public Health Agency regarding PCR tests for COVID-19. In December, Dynamic Code secured a new procurement, which shows continued confidence in Dynamic Code's ability to deliver analyses to some of Sweden's regions. Dynamic Code's PCR test has been developed in such a way that it can detect the virus even if it has mutated. This proved to be highly relevant with the new virus strains discovered across the globe. The agreement covers a capacity of fifty thousand tests per week.

Updated analysis to detect mutated viruses
To help society gain a clearer picture of the spread of mutated viruses, Dynamic Code updated its PCR analysis method. Using this updated method, Dynamic Code's analysis detects not only whether the test shows a COVID-19 infection, but also whether it is a mutated variant, i.e. the English, Brazilian or South African mutation of the virus.

"An important challenge of COVID-19 over the next two to three years is to continuously monitor the development of mutations of the COVID-19 virus and adapt the methodology accordingly. This is where Dynamic Code will play an important role in the future. "We will most likely need to adapt the COVID-19 PCR methodology again, to specifically identify new mutated forms that appear," says founder Anne Kihlgren. "It's important to stay on the ball, which we can thanks to our core competence and methodology," Anne continues.

Next step - measuring the level of antibodies
The next step for Dynamic Code's development of tests connected with COVID-19 is to measure the level of neutralised antibodies. This is to help society and individuals measure their level of protection against COVID-19 and, in the future (when the WHO has defined a limit), to find out when it's time to vaccinate against COVID-19.


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